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Gatehouse moonlit

When you read his work, there is always some poetry and magic in his writing. And then you come across a passage that hits you in the heart and the head at the same time, evoking feelings and images as none other can.

From Banshee (1984)-

”She had a face of snow, cut from that same white cool marble that makes the finest Irish women; a long swan neck, a generous if quivering mouth, and eyes a soft and luminous green. So beautiful were those eyes and her profile against the blown tree branches, that something in me turned, agonized, and died. I felt that killing wrench men feel when beauty passes and will not pass again. You want to cry out: Stay, I love you. But you do not speak. And the summer walks away in her flesh, never to return”

“I tried to look through her eyes and thought: my God, has it always been this way, forever some man in that house, forty, eighty, a hundred years ago! Not the same man, no, but all dark twins, and this girl lost on the road, with snow in her arms for love, and frost in her heart for comfort, and nothing to do but whisper and croon and mourn and sob until the sound of her weeping stilled at sunrise but to start again with the rising of the moon.”

From The Toynbee Convector (1988)-

“Stiles touched another button and the machine lit up like a cavern of spider webs. It breathed in years and whispered forth remembrance. Ghosts were in its crystal veins. A great god spider had woven its tapestries in a single night. It was haunted and it was alive. Unseen tides came and went in its machinery. Suns burned and moons hid their seasons in it. Here, an autumn blew away in tatters; there, winters arrived in snows that drifted in spring blossoms to fall on summer fields.”

One of these stories shows how a lie can be salvation itself.


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A few weeks ago I took a two hour cruise (therefore no Gilligan-type problems) on a ketch that turned out to be more colourful than usual. We sailed from Lunenburg Harbour out to the Ovens and back (this is on the Southwestern Shore of Nova Scotia). The wind was light but steady, and we made fairly good time.

It reminded me of how much I like sailing. Maybe I’ll get a boat.

Romantic Sunset
Two retirees enjoying the light.

Heat Shimmers
Sailing Dory reaching back into the harbour.

Cirrus Streamers

Captains Courageous
Sailing as far into the wind as possible in order to round the lighthouse.

Clearing Battery Point
Clearing Battery Point on the return leg.

Final Run
Sailing towards the berth.

Wake of the ship and the Moon.

Twilit Silhouette

a quickr pickr post

Master of all she surveys.

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la Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of Crystal Giants), Mexico, originally uploaded by JohnnyG BC.

This is life size. I wonder how sharp the edges are?

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There is a new Google search ability. It seems they have combined some cutting-edge science related to personal compatibilities with their search algorithm to create a beta version of an online dating service called Google Romance. I found the results of trying it gratifying and a little amusing. The Tour will give you a good idea about how this works. Let me know what you think.

Good luck, and I hope you make Google Eyes at your significant other.

Summer Fashion?

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A good friend of mine recently wrote about a good source of career advice. Being a trusting soul, I started reading through this list and decided to adopt some of the ideas, namely 7, 12, 32, 37, 46, 49, 50, 52, 57, 61, 66, 68, 69, 70,81, 84 (after first ensuring the guards are heterosexual or eunuchs), and 95.

Thanks, John.

Rule 101:
Do not live in a tall tower with only one entrance.

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The most interesting and wonderful things can happen when you least expect it.

On Saturday afternoon I was down near the Halifax waterfront to catch some busker acts while waiting to board the ferry to work. I dropped in at the museum stage where Peter Drake, a traditional stage magician, was setting up. His performance was great. The tricks were deceptively simple and well brought off. His interation with the audience was superb; you liked him and had fun right along with him.

Partway through the show he called for a volunteer from the audience. A guy named Clint from Newfoundland was captured and dragged onto the stage. Then Peter grabbed his girlfriend Charmaine and stood them together but facing away from each other. During this Clint caressed Charmaines derriere to humourous applause. Then Peter asked a series of funny and cute questions that both had to respond to simultaneously. There was one hand signal for “me” and another for “my significant other”.

The questions included (C for Cloint, S for Sharmaine):

  • Who makes the most money? (C: Her, S:Me)
  • Who spends the most money? (C: Her, S:Me)
  • Who washes the dishes the most? (C:Me, S:Me)
  • Who usually initiates romantic moments? (C:Me, S:Me)
  • Who is most active and energetic during romantic encounters? (ditto)
  • Who puts the biggest smile on the others face after romantic moments? (C:Me, S:Me)

Then they had to do a trick where Sharmaine stuffed glitter dust into Peter’s fist. Then Peter tapped his fist, causing the glitter dust to leave his hand. Remaining in his hand was a gold engagement ring. Then Peter got a small mat, Clint knelt down, and with a really nice speech asked Charmaine to be his wife. She gulped a little then said yes.

Then Peter started some music and they danced together, the parent came out of the audience and congratulated them, and to tumultuous aplause they stepped away and the show continued.

Just a few side notes. The couple had been dating for nine years, they were friends with an aquaintance of Peter’s, and Clint asked for this. Peter was very agreeable. He had come up with what he would do in such a situation a while ago, but the situation had never occurred until then.

So the moral is, follow impulses and happy things might happen to you or near you. Also, you are less likely to be bored. I’m still smiling about this.

Mage in Shorts
Patrick Drake was asked by a friend to stage manage an engagement between a couple that had been together for nine years. He had thought about this before, and had a perfect plan designed, but had never had an opportunity to do it. Today was the day!

After going though some funny and embarressing antics, the surprise is sprung. Patrick laid down a small mat, Clint kneeled on it and in a few eloquent and sincere sentences asked for her hand (and all other assets thereunto attached) in marriage.

A Semi-private Moment
With about 300-500 onlookers cheering and hooting, Clint manages to put the right (engagement) ring on the right (the left) hand and on the right (the medical or nameless ) finger.

The Crowd Went Wild (Canadian Style)
As usual, Canadians are a little understated.

Sentimental Smile and a Grin That Won't Quit
Dancing a waltz (interrupted by several strong hugs and a few kisses). Clint couldn’t stop grinning, and I had never before seen a major grin look like a loving smile. You learn something new every day. The kids in the background were hamming it up a little, and I really liked the smile of the boy in white.

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