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During the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there was a scene in which all of the Pirate Lords raised their flags, and they were very interesting to look at, too. A friend of my at the local museum thought that he recognised some of the flags. I was just doing a quick search and found the following:

  • Captain Chavitalle, Lord of the Mediterranean Sea, has a flag almost identical to that of Stede Bonne, the Gentleman Pirate
  • Captain Villaneuva of Spain, Lord of the Adriatic Sea, has the flag of that scurrilous slimy sacreligious scoundrel Edward Teach, otherwise known as Blackbeard.
  • Barbossa’s flag is that of John “Calico Jack” Rackham. Anne Bonny and Mary Read were part of his crew.
  • Jack Sparrow’s flag is similar to Henry Avery‘s, but without the sparrow. I guess you could find sparrows near Avery’s (sorry).
  • Gentleman Jocard’s flag is based on one of the flags of the notorious scourge and most eminently successful pirate, Black Bart.

If anyone could chase down Mistress Ching’s and Sao Feng’s original flag origins, I’d appreciate it.

Good luck, Mateys!


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