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The power in central Halifax died around two hours ago.  I had my iphone nearby, and used it to find my flashlight. Then I called a friend to talk about the value of spare batteries, and the nice dark section of the city. I then went for a walk, looking at the newly revealed stars, listening to a podcast, and looking for the light.

When I found it, at the nearest video store, I wandered around a little, then looked for the Hydro website/phone number. I found the first, which had the second. Luckily there was a mobile version of the web page, which I used to suss out the situation. I tried Twitter, which kept me up to date on the situation. I then continued to browse, and then checked again. The Hydro workers had fixed the main situation, so I walked home, but with fewer stars visible. I continued to listen to my podcast, and checked updates on Twitter on the way back. I also checked the local news and online radio through the phone.

On arrival , things looked back to normal, with one power bump, but otherwise fine for now.

I like my iPhone.


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